One hitter Heart Bowl ♡

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One hitter Heart Bowl is A bowl designed to for quick hit to be cute, small for beginner smokers that only need a couple hits at a time & unique while you unwind in style.

 One hitter bowl hits a couple big hits at a time tiny bowl to pack ( for a bigger bowl go to for the heartbreaker bowl )

 small Bowl to pack, carb hole to clear smoke and hole to inhale on opposite side.

♥  Material : Hand made Borosilicate Glass (♡ might have imperfections due to being  handmade ♡)

♥  Size : 3 L x 2.5 H  x 1 W.

♥ Designed By our lovely CEO. 


         ♡ * recommend weekly to follow our product maintenance  page. 

         ♡ * intended for tobacco only.