Heart Filter - Bubbler Pink ♡

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Our Pink Mini Heart filter bubbler is mini & filters blunts & joints to make the smoking experience smoother & unique while you unwind in style.

♡ Transparent PINK

♥ Heart shape filter fits snug in your hand.

♥ Filter helps smoking feel smoother.

♥ Add a little bit of water & turn it in to a mini bubbler filter that makes it smooth or leave it without water.

♥ Easy to use ♡ Light it, Insert the blunt in the cone side , Inhale from the hole on the opposite side & while holding & releasing the carb hole in the top till heart fills up then clear the smoke.

♥  Material : Borosilicate Glass ♡ might have imperfections due to being  handmade ♡)

         ♡ * recommend weekly to follow our Product Maintenance  page.       
         ♡ * intended for tobacco only.